Viral Summit (Las Vegas) brings you highly qualified experts in the internet industry to speak about all forms of management, technology, marketing and traditional marketing/advertising for the internet dating industry at this event. The presentations will be focused on topics concerning better management of an online personals site, improving profitability, increasing traffic and improving conversion rates. Each presenter will be both objective and neutral.

We are currently seeking speakers for this event. Only experts in viral marketing, viral growth techniques, new technology experts (ex software, mobile), as well as venture capital experts will be considered.

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TMT Investments Igor Shoifot
"The Dude"
List of Viral Methods (Via Video)
St Edwards University Anthony Pennings, PhD
Academic Studies on Viral Marketing: What Works Steve Vachani
Managing Partner
Where Viral Growth Investment Works and Not
Amazon Mechanical Turk Kelly Bennett
Business Development Manager
Viral via Social and Crowd Sourcing Tools Vinny Warren
Creative Director
Radical Viral Idea Generation