Increasing traffic and conversion rates leads to WORD OF MOUTH GROWTH

...& improve profits!

Viral Summit is the second event covering vital growth strategy for business. The June 2013 Viral Summit will gather CEOs, CMOs and other senior executives with a strong interest in viral marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, viral growth, social media techniques, and mobile technologies.

The convention is for both start-up enterpreneurs and CEOs of large businesses. It focuses on web, mobile, and other media viral strategies for rapid growth, promotion and trending. Attending will be:

  • Social Media promotion executives
  • Magazine, Newspaper, Television and Radio executives
  • Angel Investors
  • Affiliate Marketing executives
  • Specialists in viral marketing
  • Start-up owners/CEOs
  • Viral tools, apps & technology executives
  • marketing experts
  • Mobile Telecommunication executives

  • The convention's mission since inception is to have top viral growth experts cover opportunities that can grow a business overnight, grow virally on both web and in mobile, identify new viral technologies and tools, increase social media and word of mouth traffic and network and learn from peers and viral marketing experts. Topics at the expo include: Viral marketing methods for web and mobile, software, word-of-mouth marketing strategy and viral marketing tools. Viral Summit 2013 is set as a rapid moving convention on the latest strategies of going viral, specifically designed for owners of online businesses and mobile apps. Limited time is spent on introductions, summaries and overviews. As you will be with your peers, the expo will get right to the issues and the details quickly.

    The 2 days Viral Summit 2013 is structured with lectures, business networking and focused workshops. Workshops generally have 45-90 minute intense presentations for industry CEOs and cover improvement of steady revenues with viral growth marketing techniques. Lectures will focus on: viral training, creative marketing campaigns, successful viral campaigns, viral business models and word of mouth marketing methods. Major business CEOs, executives and managers will learn a significant amount in these sessions. Q&A is strongly encouraged and recommended. Networking will also take place at the conference.

    All are urged to meet the vendors and exhibitors at the convention in person to better understand their business. Many executives stay and network over the weekend, as we've set the location in Beverly Hills, the SLS Hotel.

    Delegates present at our business meetings learn a great deal. They also have created friendships in the business. We expect that you will find this trade show exhilarating, enjoying inspiring. I hope to see you there!

    Marc Lesnick
    The Summit Organizer
    Viral Summit 2013