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CEO of to speak on Viral Marketing at the Viral Summit in Beverly Hills on June 6-7, 2013

Steve Vachani, Founder of and Managing Director of Serendipity Ventures has acquired over 100 million users via viral growth. He will present at the gathering of viral marketing experts at the 2013 Viral Summit in Los Angeles.

WEBWIRE - Tuesday, May 14, 2013
New York, NY-- Ticonderoga Ventures, Inc. announces that Steven Vachani, Founder of and Managing Director at venture investment firm, Serendipity Ventures, will present at the Beverly Hills Viral Summit on June 6-7, 2013 in the SLS Hotel. Steve Vachani, Founder of and Managing Director of Serendipity Ventures has acquired over 100 million users from his ventures with a majority of these users gained as a result of truly organic exponential viral growth. In his presentation, Mr. Vachani will discuss the fundamentals behind 3 successful viral marketing models driving successful Internet startups to acquire tens of millions of users, how to successfully create a new online business with a proven viral growth model, and how investors evaluate the success and potential of your viral growth model in evaluating your business. Speakers at the two day viral summit include thought leaders and experts in viral marketing and strategy. The event will cover the planning and execution of a viral marketing campaign, be it for a new: device, social network, mobile app, video, musical song, dating site, book, etc. Registration for the event can be made at

ABOUT POWER.COM was Brazil first global technology company to build an internationally recognized consumer brand with tens of millions of users worldwide and receive venture capital funding from a premier Silicon Valley VC. was a technology pioneer as it built the Internet first APP platform and CONNECT platforms in 2006 and pioneered the concept of building APPS on top of other sites and the concept of letting users connect to their data between different sites.


Serendipity Ventures is cofounding, building, helping operate, and funding the earliest stages of new technology startups from concept to a proven and scalable growth and financial business model.


The Viral Summit is a business event for leading viral marketing experts. The goal of the event is to discuss methods that result in consistent viral growth and expansion. The event also covers viral triggers, behavioral economics, tastemakers, seeding, K factors and other elements. It is for both online and offline strategy.

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